Auto Self Service Registration Renewal Kiosk

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Auto Self Service Registration Renewal Kiosk


The kiosk is in the Publix Supermarket at Collier Commons, 2121 Collier Parkway, Land O’Lakes FL 34639. We have placed the kiosk inside the Publix Supermarket at the entrance near the customer service counter and the pharmacy to make the transaction safe and secure. The kiosk is available to the public during store hours.

Vehicle registration renewals are the only transaction the kiosk is currently designed to complete, saving customers a visit to their local tax collector’s office. If you are interested in renewing your vehicle’s registration at the kiosk you must bring the following information with you:

  • PIN from registration renewal notice or license plate number and first Registrant’s date of birth.
  • Registrations in a business name can only be renewed with the PIN since there is not a date of birth linked to the record.

IMPORTANT: The following registrations are NOT eligible to be renewed at the kiosk:

  • Registration renewals that require an address change.
  • Registration renewals that replace a license plate.
  • Registration renewals that have insurance, driver license, or toll suspensions.
  • Vessel(boat)registration renewals.
  • Mobile home registration renewals.
  • Heavy trucks that require a Florida Certificate of Insurance or IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax “2290”.
  • Personalized plate reservations.
  • Parking permit or placard renewals.
  • National Guard license plate renewals.
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Government vehicles
  • IRP Registrations

Accepted form of payment-American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa.

**Debit/Credit Card ONLY**

The new registration and decal will be printed at the kiosk once you have entered your information. If there is a driver license stop, toll stop, or insurance stop, you will receive a message from the kiosk. If the kiosk is unable to process the transaction and the registration is not able to be issued, the kiosk will notify you.

The kiosk charges a 2.3% fee for use of a credit card AND a $4.50 flat fee for renewing at the kiosk. You can still make a voluntary donation to one of the many authorized charities just as they are listed on the back of the renewal notice. The kiosk does ask the you to verify the vehicle and plate you are renewing as well as the fees before the transaction is completed. It also asks you if there are any address changes, if you answer yes, the transaction cannot be completed. If you answer no, it continues. If the registration qualifies, the kiosk does offer a 1-year or 2-year renewal.

If you have a question or problem, you may contact the Kiosk Customer Care Number which is: 1-833-939-1572.